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MUST WATCH: A Sexy Model Demonstrates On Cam How To Identify Fake Breasts!

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Women are very conscious of how they look like. We cannot deny the fact that most women cannot live without a mirror with them. They almost took 2 hours in dressing up including makeup, even in an ordinary day. But I think there's nothing wrong with that, right? Making yourself beautiful is fine because it adds self confidence.

But there are women who are not contented with how they look like. Some women spend too much money for makeovers and surgeries to enhance the body part that they wanted to develop. One case is having silicone implants in the breasts because we all know that having a good shape and bigger breasts gives more glamour to a woman's body. A model from Lopburi Province, Thailand reveals a secret on how to identify a fake breasts. Wichooda Cheychom showed some tricks using her mobile to know that the breasts have silicone implants.

If you want to watch the video, you can go see here


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