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MUST WATCH: See What Happened To A 4 Year Old Boy Who Fell Down In The Cage Of Gorillas!

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Isaiah, a four year old boy fell down into the cage of gorillas in Cincinnati Zoo. The two gorillas left when the zoo keepers called them, but one gorilla, named Harambe stayed near the boy. All the people in the zoo were nervous while watching how the gorilla acted in front of the little boy.

According to the witnesses, a 17 year old gorilla picked up and dragged the boy. A reason why the zoo keeper decided to shoot Harambe. But after the video was posted in public, a lot of netizens reacted and criticized the decision made by the zoo management.
Watch the video below to see what really happened.

The video showed that the gorilla was not attacking the boy and was helping him to stand up. The gorilla did not harm Isaiah or even seen a sign of violence, so there is no reason to shoot the poor gorilla.

Sources: YouTube / TNP


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