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MUST SEE: A Terrible Fight Between Two Best Friends That Ended Up With Slashing Of Face Using A Blade!

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A best friend is the one you can count on every time. They are just one call away. They are the ones who will always there in ups and downs of your life. They are willing to give them ample time to listen to your stories, to laugh at your jokes and your partners in crime in all your naughty secrets.

But can you still call your friend as your very best friend if she is the reason why you are suffering with pain because of a severe slashed on your face that she caused you?

One incident happened to two best friends that after a long friendship, they ended up with a brutally fight. The girl was slashed with a blade on her face by her own best friend. The parents of the girl are asking for help to find their daughter's friend who is now deactivated her Facebook and hiding from the crime that she did.
Look at the video below to see the severe wound on the girl's face.

The parents still do not know the reason behind this crime. They are ready to file a case against the best friend of their child.

Sources: TV5 / Facebook


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