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MUST SEE: Mayor Duterte Weeps While Asking Guidance From Parents!

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Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is known for his "notorious" personality. There is no gray area on his leadership style. When he says no, he means it. But as they say, real men cry. Even the most infamous man in the world will have a soft side.

Duterte is now leading the presidential race. Most of his opponents already conveyed their concession and his success is now getting brighter. On this note, the Mayor did not forget to pay tribute to his loving parents. He visited their grave and sincerely asked for their guidance as he is bound to lead the Philippines.

The very heartfelt scene was actually caught on video and has become viral online.

You may watch the video here:

It is very admirable to see that the soon to be leader is still leaning on his parents, even though he is now on the verge of being the first president from Mindanao. Mayor Duterte is not just a great leader, but a commendable son. May we support him in leading the nation and transforming it for the betterment. :)

Sources: Facebook / WhenInManila


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