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MUST READ: Mayor Rodrigo Duterte Camp Accused of Vote Buying!

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In the history of Philippine elections, vote buying and other election related crimes have always been highlighted. Many candidates take the risk of paying the voters expecting loyalty in return. This is an unlawful act and anyone caught and proven taking this will face charges and possible imprisonment.

A netizen named Nesa Muring posted on her Facebook account a photo collage of Duterte campaign paraphernalia with money enclosed, saying it is real and not a "black propaganda." Also stated in the caption that the money was allegedly given in Luneta.

Some netizens commented about the issue:

Angie Quiambao Asilo commented: "Totoo yan! Kptbhay kong duterte buti daw sila masaya kc may pera s luneta!! Sbi ko weowww nagkkbyran n!!! Desperado lang or pra masabing marami sila!!!"

Jim Jangao Muñez stated: "What A Big Joke Ni Camping Rally Nga walang sahod yan paba?..
Tanga lang ang maniniwla,
e kong kay Mar Roxas yan Totoo pa!..
MAG research muna bago dumaldal..
Kahit matalo si Mayor Duterte Walang kawalan sakanya!.
e kung si Mar Roxas Matalo Ung anim na taon nilang Kurap sa Kaban ng Bayan Luging lugi sila ni PNoy!.

Whether this issue is true or not, we all have the responsibility to guard and assure the sanctity of the elections. The next six years of our country are at stake, so this moment is very crucial. Share your thoughts about this post. :)

Source: Facebook


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