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MUST READ: How a Woman Survived Living With No Sexual Organ is Truly Admirable!

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The field of medicine is very mysterious and unpredictable. There are a lot of conditions, disorders and diseases being discovered as the years go by. One of the most unimaginable disorders is Mayer-Rokitansky-K├╝ster-Hauser syndrome (MRKH syndrome), or commonly known as Rokitansky syndrome. It is a condition among women in which the sexual organ and the uterus are underdeveloped or missing. It is linked to be genetic in nature and starts from the womb.

With this condition being rare, Joanna Giannouli, a lady from Greece is one of those who is stricken. She was 14 then when she wondered why her first menstrual period is delayed. Her parents started to be anxious that's why they sought an immediate medical attention.

Because she wouldn't want her "intimate area" to be touched, the doctors were just able to diagnose her real status two years after. Yes, she was 16 when they discovered she has the MRKH syndrome.

Giannouli said in an interview with the BBC: "When we first saw the doctor, my father put on a brave face. My mother, on the other hand, didn't take it so well,"
"We didn't talk about it much for the first five years. I wasn't able to talk about it. I felt destroyed and incredibly weak. My mother believes she may have done something wrong in her pregnancy. I've explained to her that she didn't do anything wrong, it has been just genes," she added.

This condition affects one every 4,500 births. It would really become a big problem because this is genetic. "It's a burden, like something that you cannot get rid of it. I couldn't have a stable relationship for many years because of that. It is a haunting and unbearable situation. It steals your happiness, your mentality, your chances of having a good and stable relationship. It leaves you with a huge void that cannot be filled, it fills you with anger, guilt, and shame," Giannouli shared.

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Sources: Cosmo / GHR


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