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MUST READ: Find out Why This Girl Took a Selfie with Her Ex-BF. Shocking!

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Why some relationships end up with break ups? One of the main reasons is that either one or both of them have no time with each other. Time is very important in maintaining a harmonious relationship as both needs to allot enough, reasonable and quality time. Without it, the connection between the two will be worthless.

We encounter posts in Facebook telling stories of melancholy, but this one is very different and weird. There was this FB user named Daa Dao, who posted a photo together with a guy. The caption revealed the description of a guy who claimed by the girl that he was her ex-lover. In addition to that, the reason why they were together that time was that his current boyfriend was busy with his work. This unexpected reason of the girl made the Netizens shocked and eventually share the said post to other users, too.

Do you think this post is real? If that is so, good thing that both of them are in good terms after they broke up and looking forward that her current boyfriend will not get jealous and aware of that the girl has posted.

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  1. They're good friends please dont write articles than are beyond the truth , are you trying to get yourself sued by destroying someone's reputation ? I know them , she was just kidding with the post

    1. the one who posted this is not trying to destroy anyone's reputation. It was the girl trying to destroy her reputation by posting and adding a caption like that.

  2. The original comments were so funny :D check them out:




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