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MUST READ: A Dad Amputated The Hands of A Boy Who Violated His Baby!

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The death penalty and brutal punishment against criminals are one of the most talked about issues of the incoming administration. However, India, a father put justice in his owns hands. A 17-year old man allegedly violated his daughter sexually. Justice was not provided by the court because the suspect was acquitted after several hearings. Apparently, the dad was enraged after the acquittal. He tied the perpetrator to a tree and amputated the his hands viciously.

In a report published by the Mirror of UK they said: “In court, the father said he was willing to forgive the teen and accept cash as compensation — even offering to drive the perv home to Kotli Ablu, a village in Punjab where they both live."
“But halfway through the trip, the father stopped the bike, tied the rapist to a tree, and hacked off his mitts with a machete.
“The father then fled, leaving the teen screaming for help before being found by locals.”

Aside from that, the Daily Mirror reported: “The father reportedly indicated that he was prepared to forgive the teenager and accept a compensation deal to limit his punishment.”

Ironically, the father of the victim is now being hunted by security officials and will surely be convicted for what he's done. :(

Source: AnonHQ


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