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MUST READ: An Alleged Divorce of Ninoy and Cory Aquino Before Revealed?

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In 1980, Ninoy Aquino was permitted by Ferdinand Marcos to fly to Boston, Massachusetts as he allowed there to undergo a heart operation. This opportunity to leave the country was just temporary, particularly in his seven years in prison, that Ninoy felt that going to the US served as a 'refuge of maltreatment' of dictatorship. Aside from health-related reasons, another story while they were in the US which has been circling in the internet right now was an alleged planning of divorce which was insisted by his wife and former president Cory Aquino.

Their relationship was bound by marriage seemed not as everyone expected. For the sake of the image, the children and some other factors, Ninoy refused to accept of what Cory requested of separation. Because of that, Cory showed coldness to his husband and just made casual deals for the sake of that the public look for them.

During the Boston days, the couple experienced a life that looked like they have their own lives, even though they were on the same roof and with their offsprings. While buying grocery items, they had their own carts, one is for Ninoy and one is for Cory and supposedly for the children. Ninoy cooked and ate on his own and sometimes with his occasional guest. Cory was not worried about the bills as Ninoy paid all those, and at the time that the family ran out of budget, Ninoy was used to go to the nearest payphone to make a private call with Ferdinand. Right after a call, a packet of USD 100,000 would arrive at their home or at a specific place elsewhere.

Cory had a very casual relationship with his wife. She did not care of what was happening everytime her wife had guests because aside from not offering anything to the guests food nor drink, she was busy playing mahjong with her friends. Cory was aiming also a luxurious life as she was engaged in gambling when his husband was senator that time.

Another hearsay about the reason of Ninoy's death was his intention to consider it as 'suicide' maybe because he could not deal anymore with his wife. There were also gossips that Cory also did not care of what would happen to Ninoy as there were information that Cory's own cousin and four others were suspected of Ninoy's assassination.

Kris Aquino and the rest of her siblings all knew that their parents loved each other until the time that their mother came to the point of rejecting Ninoy. Kris' statements about their love with each other seemed vague and not accurate.

We do not know the real story of what has happened in their personal life in detail despite of hot issues related to Ninoy that time. Who knows that they had flaws in their relationship, but we all know that there are no perfect relationships. In fact, it was a personal matter that no one should intervene on it and make everyone a part of showing respect for them.

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Source: The Daily Trends


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