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MUST READ: 9 Ways To Prove That Your Special Someone Truly Loves You!

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Everywhere you go, people always have stories to tell about their love story. There are different kind of stories, there are happy endings and sometimes not because we all know, there is no perfect relationship. There will always be reasons behind why those things happen in a relationship. But, one thing for sure, having a good relationship is not a destiny, it is something that you need to exert effort and time to really work it out.

According to studies, here are some guidelines which you can determine whether your special someone truly loves you.

1. They are not self-centered when making love.
Your partner is not only after his or her pleasure, but thinking your satisfaction too.

2. They will stop you from doing something irrational.
They will not let you do risky and uncertain decisions.

3. They will understand if you can't pick up the phone right away.
They have trust and understand you in whatever situation.

4. They become your personal doctors.
They are the ones who will push you to go to the doctor and checking every minute if you are taking your medicines right on time.

5. Your opinion matters.
Your ideas will always be respected whether you agree or not to a certain topic.
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6. They will let you do things that will make you happy.
They will support you doing things that you like.

7. Always listens.
They will always give their time to listen to you.

8. Not afraid to let the world hear how much they love you.
They will be proud and show others how much they care and love you.

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9. Do not act differently in front of your friends and family.
They will not shy to show their love for you even in front of other people.

Is your special someone, got all of these signs? Well, you are a lucky one!

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