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“Manganganak na lang, kilay is life talaga!”Mother Gives Birth To A Healthy Baby With Her Eyebrows On Fleek!

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Kilay is life.” This has been the typical line uttered by girls who are obsessed with makeup and other cosmetic products. Ladies like this make sure that, before they leave their houses, their makeup is “on fleek.”  Recently, a mother went too far with her makeup obsession when she decided to put her makeup on while giving birth.

Dheza Samson recently gave birth to a healthy baby. But her story went viral online for a completely different reason. While going through labor contractions, she also showed off her makeup skills by sculpting her eyebrows. Mommy Dheza managed to look fab despite hours of labor. She took photos of herself and posted them online. She captioned her photos with:


Yung manganganak na lang ako pero kahit masakit mag-labor pinilit ko pa rin magkilay para maganda parin ako sa first meet namin ni baby ko.Dheza Samson 

Many netizens expressed admiration and adoration for this extraordinary mommy who overcame the pain of giving birth for the sake of vanity. They were amazed at how she managed to look beautiful despite the killer pain she probably felt during labor.

But not everyone liked what she did. Anne Delos Reyes-Villafuerte wrote a scathing critique of Dheza’s decision to put vanity before the well-being of her baby. She said:
“The answer is quite simple actually. Make-up and nail polish hinders the surgeon’s ability to monitor your well being during surgery. Since you cannot communicate with the surgeon on how you are feeling, the surgeon will monitor the signs from your body to let them know.

When you were in surgery, you will have a probe placed on the end of your finger to read the oxygen level in your blood. This probe cannot read through artificial nails or nail polish. Also, if your oxygen levels do drop, your fingernails would turn blue; signaling it to the surgeon, but this would be hidden by your nail polish.

Face makeup can mask your true skin color, which is an easy signal to the surgeon on how your body is handling the surgery. In addition, if the surgeon needs to put tape on your face or body, it may not stick to the make-up or cream on your skin.”

Her social media activity which was featured by the Facebook page Philippine Factor has already gained more than 11,000 reactions and has been shared almost 5,500 times.
Do you think what Dheza did was right? Do you know anybody else who prescribes to the “kilay is life” maxim? Tag them in the comments section below!


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