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LOOK: Mayor Duterte Won't Stay in Malacañang After Winning Because of Ghosts?

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When people knew about the exposé of Senator Trillanes against Mayor Duterte, people started to emphasize the kind of lifestyle Digong has. Some netizens said that if he has millions in the bank, his house would have been a mansion. Others have also posted photos of Duterte's simple way of living, like sleeping in a mosquito net.

The Davao City Mayor is now about to the lead the whole nation. He's leading the presidential race by miles away from his opponents. In spite of the sure win, Duterte said he is not going to stay in Malacañang if he is hailed as the chief executive.

“Hindi pa ako sanay. Bigyan mo Lang ako maski plywood or fiberglass okay Lang ako," Duterte told reporters. He also mentioned about going home to Davao everyday.

Moreover, the Mayor said he really doesn't want to sleep in the Malacañang Palace because it is a know "haunted house." "Nandoon lahat ng multo na dumaan sa Pilipinas. Maglalakad sila, magkokomperensiya, eh di sila doon. Tutal, past tense naman tayo. They're still there and sometimes they'll hold a conference, well let them, Duterte said.”

According to reports, the ghosts of former presidents and casualties of World War II are constantly being seen at the palace. This is a clear description of how simple Mayor Duterte is and his intention of serving the country. The ghosts might also be a symbol of the past that he doesn't want to remember anymore upon getting into the highest government position in the country with the greatest responsibility. What do you think? :)

Source: ABS-CBN News


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