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Just put some garlic under your pillow every night. The results of this trick will surprise you!

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Garlic happens to be one of the healthiest foods in all of history.

Not just an intensely tasty seasoning you put on your fried foods, garlic has been used as traditional medicine by many cultures around the world.

Indeed, it’s used for many health problems and issues such as liver disease, cleansing your arteries, purifying the blood as well as relieve symptoms of the flu or colds.

Many nutritionists have sung garlic’s praises – some suggest eating the seasoning on a daily basis.

Garlic contains a power compound called Allicin which is responsible for that strong aroma. You have to crush the garlic in order to release that medicinal compound. However, cooking the garlic destroys the compound – which is why you crush the garlic then leave it for 15 minutes before cooking.

If you’re not a fan of the strong garlic smell, then add parsley and vegetable oil to remove it.

Besides being used as a food and as a medicine – did you know that garlic may help improve your sleep? That’s why many people put garlic underneath their pillows at night.

Placing garlic underneath your pillow is an old family secret used to improve one’s quality sleep. Apparently, it’s an old traditional method used by countless of generations.

So if you have a hard time sleeping, then perhaps a clove of garlic under your pillow is the thing you need.

Watch this video for more details!

Try it for yourself!

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