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Jessy Mendiola Stated That Angel Locsin Deserves To Be A Part Of The FHM Hall of Fame!

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It seems there is a cold war ending in the showbiz industry.

Jessy Mendiola and Angel Locsin were known to have a “rivalry” between them. The two became a part of Luis Manzano‘s romantic journey. Angel is Luis’ ex-girlfriend while Jessy is his current lover.

After the news about the Angel and Luis’ break-up broke out, it was immediately followed by Jessy’s confirmation that she and Luis are dating. Fans and supporters of Angel then assumed that there must be a cold war between them as Angel’s former interviews shed light about Luis’ alleged infidelity on his part.

The issue has been circulating in social media communities for quite some time and netizens are thinking that the two are in a tight competition when it comes to their social media activities. 

Similarities on their Instagram posts were reported and their fans are also debating on who between them shall be considered to be more attractive and beautiful.

Despite this ongoing “clash” between the sexy stars, it seems one of them is already calling it off. Jessy shocked her fans and social media followers after she claimed that Angel deserves to be an FHM Hall of Famer. Angel placed 2nd on the initial result of the men’s magazine’s annual online polls. Jessy, on the other hand, failed to grab a spot on the Top 10.

A Netizen asked Jessy, what she thinks of Angel getting the “ FHM Hall of Fame” title. The actress then replied,

ok lang, deserve naman niya yun

As of this writing, the actress has not yet posted any follow-up statement to her previous claim. Furthermore, Angel has yet to respond to the issue.

What can you say about this humble word made by Jessy for Angel? Do you agree that Angel, deserves the title? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

Source: LF / Facebook


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