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MUST WATCH: This Wife Emotionally Sings a Worship Song for Her Sick Husband!

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Siguradong maaantig ang mga puso niyo sa mapapanood niyo. Napakanta ang babae ng Habang may buhay, may pag-asa. (As long as there is still life, there still lies hope.) This famous proverb leads us on how to be strong at all times. In addition, we also seek guidance of God through prayer for us to be always healthy.

This video, which was uploaded in Facebook, will surely make every viewer teary-eyed. It features a wife who was singing a worship song while taking care of her sick husband. It seemed that the woman did not mind on what happened to her husband, but the sadness she had that time was felt while singing. Despite of the situation, she kept on singing as if she was getting  energy and motivation to the song. The video is fast spreading with comments showing moral support to both of them hoping that the guy will recover as soon as possible.
Through worship songs, prayer and support from other people, her mind was uplifted and it proves that she is not alone. May her husband is okay, since he will cherish the love of his wife to him for a longer time.

Watch the video below:

Source: Facebook


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