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DUTERTE-MARCOS: Iglesia Ni Cristo Officially Announced Endorsement!

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Aside from the much awaited elections on May 9, presidential candidates are also waiting for the endorsement from certain religious groups, where unity is also observed and expected even in voting for government officials.

One of the much awaited endorsements is from Iglesia ni Cristo. Well, they have just released an official statement today. They will support Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Bongbong Marcos. According to one of the their official pages, Eagle News, a letter read by INC ministers stressed that members are "all the more made stronger in faith and will vote as one in unity with the Church Administration and with God Whose teachings the Church strictly follows." This statement has been made by spokesperson Edwil Zabala.

Here is a screenshot of the Facebook post:

Zabala also issued a statement about these ex-ministers who are seeking attention by criticizing the religious organization. He said: “It’s an act of desperation on the part of these expelled members as well as the unscrupulous individuals funding them,”

He emphasized that:  “As far as true members of the INC are concerned, nothing these ex-members would say would affect their faith.”

According to one of our sources, a sample ballot has been released by INC, containing a complete list of candidates including the senators that they will support. We are going to publish an image of it once we officially received a copy.

Sources: EagleNewsPH / CNN Philippines


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  1. Hindi kmi bumoboto pra sa mga kandidato bumoboto kmi bilang isang Iglesia ni Cristo :)

    #solidongiglesiani cristo




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