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Do You Have Dimples? Congratulations, You’re Special!

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Do you have dimples? Do you think they’re beautiful? Well, even long ago, those flesh dents were quite the trend. In fact, they were  desired so much that there are even some people who undergo surgical operations just to have them!

What makes them such a desirable trait? What makes them adorable for everyone? Why do people love them so much? Heck, what exactly are they? Actually, dimples are a facial muscle deformity called Zygomaticus Major.

Whatever the case, if you have them, congratulations!

To celebrate your dimples, here are some facts about your adorable facial characteristic!

1. Thou Art Chosen!

That’s right, you are unique! Only 20% of the people in the world have dimples. That may seem like a lot, but just imagine, only 1 out of 5 people in the whole wide world have dimples.

2. No need for surgery.

Like we’ve discussed, you already have it, you just have to flaunt it. There’s no need for surgery at all! Think about it, there are people who spend a lot of money just to get what you already have and what did you have to do to get it? Nothing! You are definitely #blessed!

3. Extra style points!

If you have dimples, just flash a smile and show people just how your beautiful you are! As unique individuals, we celebrate our imperfections. Also, dimples are the perfect weapon to get your crush to look your way. Who knows? Maybe it could lead to more than just a look! 4. Instant selfie points.

Go on, take another selfie! No one will blame you if you like sharing how beautiful you look because you are lovely as heck! Even if you have albums filled with just your face, people will just eat it all up!

5. Instant mix of cute and sexy.

No need to choose between cute and sexy because you’re already both! How can you look younger while still being sexy? That’s cheating right there!

So what are you waiting for? Get out there, share your smile and make everyone you meet smile with you!

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