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DISGUSTING: Risky Effects of Not Replacing Your Undergarment Everyday!

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Personal hygiene is one of the most basic lessons that is being taught in school and at home. Since we were kids, our teachers and parents have taught us how to brush our teeth, take a bath, and change clothes. There are just a few differences in hygiene for some, because of culture, traditions and geographical factors. Nonetheless, no one is excused of being apathetic of hygiene.

It might sound weird, but there are people who really fail to replace their undergarment. For whatever reasons, this is disgusting. However, this behavior has very risky effects to the health and conditions of the intimate area. Here are a few of them:

1. The longer you wear your undies, more bacteria can accumulate on the fabric. As a result, you feel discomfort and itchiness and can lead to skin irritation as you scratch.

2. Taking note of the itchy feeling and scratching the skin on your intimate area, the result may be redness, rashes and sores. It can be developed if your skin is wet and dirty, due to an underwear full of bacteria.

3. Aside from irritation of the skin, another bacteria-causing result is a stinky smell. You would not like to have a smelly "privy," right?

4. One of the most serious results is a yeast infection. If ever you feel the intolerable itchiness in your intimate area, consult your doctor immediately.

5. For women, your urinary tract is shorter that men. If the bacteria from your 2-day underwear penetrates the inner layer of your urinary tract, it may result into a Urinary Tract Infection, commonly known as UTI.

If you know someone like this, share this tip and save his life. :)

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