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Daughter Installs Hidden Camera Inside Her Mother's Room But What She Discovered Was Unexpected!

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A mother is someone who knows the meaning of the word sacrifice very well. Mothers will do anything to make sure their children are fed, dressed and cared for. 

Eventually, our mothers will become elderly and frail. When that time comes, we as children can only hope that we can provide the same care and love towards our mothers as they provided us.

Daughter Installs Hidden Camera Inside Her Mother's Room But What She Discovered Was Unexpected!

Some allow their parents to live with them in their homes. Others, like many others in western countries, have their parents retire in a nursing home

In this article, a man discovered the shocking abuse suffered by his mother by a nursing home staff. 

Camille Parent couldn’t find the time to properly take care of his mother so he had her stay at a nursing home in Peterborough, Ontario. At first, he thought she was getting the treatment and care she deserved. However, as time wore on, the man noticed that his mother began having bruises and scratches all over her face. 

Daughter Installs Hidden Camera Inside Her Mother's Room But What She Discovered Was Unexpected!

He was afraid that his mother may have been abused by other patients. That’s why he had hidden cameras installed in her room.  

What he discovered on the recorded footage was disturbing. 

Worst still was that Mr. Parent’s mother was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and couldn’t remember the abuse she suffered from on a daily basis.

The following video may contain scenes that might upset viewers – viewer discretion advised. 

Watch the shocking video here!

How did you find this troubling article? Would you ever trust a nursing home to properly take care of your mother? 

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