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Check Out These Kids Who Were Posing For Their Own Prenup Pictorial! You Won’t Believe This!

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Prenup pictorials usually feature engaged couples who are absolutely sure that they want to get married to one another. These pictorials are performed with professional photography services who cater to these kinds of occasions. 

Prenup pictorials typically have a theme, like Hawaiian summer or a winter wonderland. The couples show off their personalities through evocative poses.

Nowadays, prenup pictorials are slowly gaining popularity among millennial couples who want to show off their romantic side on their respective social media accounts.

One such couple made waves online when they posed for a supposed prenup pictorial – despite their young age! The shots were uploaded to the Facebook fan page ‘Philippine Factor‘ and, according to them, the kids seemed to be posing for a prenup pictorial.

“PABATA NA NG PABATA.” Was their first sentence in the post’s caption. Judging from the pictures, it could be safely deduced that the kids were only in grade school. Kids that young typically indulge themselves by hanging out with friends and browsing social media, not dabbling with the prospect of marriage.

The fan page chastised the pictures and included in their caption: “Ibalik na kasi ang mga cartoons sa umaga at hapon sa telebisyon.”

The prenup pictorial in question was made possible by Shantensity Photography. Meanwhile, netizens couldn’t help but react to the prepubescent prenup pictorial.

Here were some of the comments that netizens wrote regarding the controversial post:

Edmund Olegario: “This is a violation of Anti-Child Abuse Act. Paging #DepartmentofSocialWelfareandDevelopment. May nakalagay namang sponsor sa pics na yan pwede nyo silang kasuhan. Let us put things in proper perspective. Ayan o, Shantercity Photography yan.”
ielyn Dupeño: “Nakababy bra palang si baby girl e tch hahahahaha” 

Jho Phinne: “Juskoooo..kakaiba n tlga mga kbataan ngayon” 

Michelle Mercado: “WTF. HAHAHAHAHA. Liza AC Almira Faye Felshyl Perez Clarisse Rellosa ganitong edad, umiiyak pa ako pag hindi ako nakakanood ng anime sa hapon eh!!!” 

What do you think about these kids’ prepubescent prenup pictorial? Were you in disbelief as well? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

Source: LF / Facebook

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