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CAUGHT ON CAM: Baron Geisler on Beast Mode and Strangling a School Boy?

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Baron Geisler is now on the hot seat again because of a video posted by a Facebook user. Khalil Verzosa introduced himself as a student and bluntly stated the reason behind Baron allegedly reached his boiling point and wrapped his arm around a man's neck.

Verzosa said in his video caption that Geisler agreed to act for their editorial design campaign in a school production. He also admitted that it was their fault to provide Baron the script later that the schedule. This is allegedly the reason for Baron's rude behavior. However, the student firmly stated that in spite of their drawback, the famous actor doesn't have a right to go on "beast mode."
According to the caption, Verzosa posted this video to teach Baron a lesson.

As a human being, we all have the tendency to go beyond the limitation of our patience. We have that snap of anger, especially when we do not agree with something. However, as a person with proper education, we also need to learn how to manage anger and express our disappointment in a civilized way. We have the right to be angry and the power to think and be responsible as well. :)

This site welcomes any statement from the personalities involved. Moreover, we would appreciate if you share your thoughts. :)

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