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BE AWARE: What Happened to a Woman After Riding In a Taxi Cab?

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We are renting cabs in order to have a fast and safe trip. Because riding on public vehicles will just waste your time in every minute of stop overs when loading and unloading of passengers. And most of the time, you will feel unsafe because of the bus drivers recklessly driving on the road, like they are having a drag racing contest in getting more passengers.

But how safe are you in riding a cab?

There are a lot of issues today regarding crimes involving taxi drivers. Most of the cases are robbery and violent crimes, especially in women. Because of these issues some of the passengers are very picky in renting taxi cabs. Like Gelica Tulauan, a patronizer of Grab A Taxi. It is an application in smartphones where the personal details of the driver are known and the route of the cab is being monitored.
Read her story below as she had an unforgettable experienced.

Sometimes, over thinking may lead you to danger. Always remember that staying calm can help you to make decisions, right.


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