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ATTENTION GIRLS: Tips to Take Away Pain Before and During Your "First Time!"

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One of the most fearful moments that a girl may face is the "first time" of "doing it." For those who experienced it, it is certainly painful. But, experts say, yes, it's absolutely hurting, especially when you are not prepared. They mentioned some tips on how you can get rid, or at least lessen the pain that you may experience.

Contemplate many times and be firm with your decision.
The decision you have to make would involve not just your first time experience, but something that you may regret in the end. So, you need to be a hundred percent sure that you want to give your "purity" away before doing the "thingy."

Drop by to the nearest drugstore.
This is not for you to buy medicines or what not, but to be aware of certain "paraphernalia" that may help you with the pain. Certain condoms and lubricants are available. You just need to know what best suits you and your health.

Speak up your mind.
One of the most advisable to do is to be very open with your partner. Part of considering your decision is what your partner may do if something bigger happens after giving him your purity. Talk to him and tell him your honest thoughts about what you will be doing.

Make yourself aware of your hymen.
This is a membrane that covers the surrounding of your external genitals, meaning, this is your "make or break" muscle. There are medical procedures that may bring its original form, but I'm sure you don't want to go in that direction, right?

Be familiar with the angle of your sexual organ.
This will help you determine the right position you need to take to avoid extreme pain.

Speak with a trustworthy adult for further advice.
Aside from your partner, it is equally important to seek advice from an adult who knows it more and well. Share your reservations with him and follow his unbiased pieces of advice. Get someone who is not just experienced, but a person who is worth your trust.

Be accustomed with your clitoris.
Experiencing the fire is not just about the pain, but also pleasure. That is certainly the role of your clitoris. Being well aware about it will surely bring you to cloud 9.

Have some small talks with your man.
It is also important to communicate well with your guy while satisfying each other. Aside from alluring statements, share your real feeling towards the thingy, just make sure you don't overly talk. This might lead to losing your and your partner's concentration.

Be in a cozy location.
The rendezvous will put your bodies in the right mood. Imagine, doing it with mosquitos?

Play some music that will set the mood.
Playing a track that will put you and your man in the mood will help you reach the right concentration and eventually the peak.

Don't be in a hurry.
Seize the moment. Make sure you will remember every detail of it. Again, this is your first time. And like your other firsts, it will help if you know every step of the way.

Make sure to guard yourself even after giving in.
This step is optional because if you had doubts in trying it, please, do not. You don't need to do this last step if you did not perform the "act." If ever you did, then make sure you take care of yourself. Start by washing your body, especially your treasure. Take some pain relievers if you can bear with it. Seek medical attention if needed.

We would like to emphasize the importance of deciding. If you cannot be responsible, then the 'act' is not for you. Moreover, if you are not prepared, for your own sake, do not ever give in to your partner's persuasion. :)

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