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A Woman In The Elevator Was Flirting With This Foreigner But Hours Later, This Is How She Looked Going Home!

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What. Just. Happened? 

A netizen by the name of Natt Haya shared two videos that will definitely make you ask if what you just saw was real or just downright laugh. This video tells the story of two people who had a fun night; a very fun night.

In the first video, the two just couldn’t get enough of each other. From getting too intimate and rubbing stuff down below to just humping, the two of them were planning things for a wild night. All these were caught on CCTV, they knew and the girl, even waved at the camera.

Take note: the girl’s hair was wild and she was definitely sexy.

Here’s the first video:

Looks like the usual stuff, but just like any good joke, that’s the setup!

After that, the girl goes into the elevator and the CCTV catches her with her hair in a bun and she’s walking wobbly while holding her stomach as if something broke inside.

What the heck did they make up in that room? Did they use some toys or something? Did it involve extreme gymnastics? Whatever the case, it was definitely funny.

Here’s the second video:

One thing’s for sure though, it looks like they were using some heavy machinery in their hotel room.

As of now, the CCTV post has gone so viral that it has 99,368 shares and 23,929 comments!

Most netizens keep hitting the laugh, react to this video while there are some who said that her cervix might be broken. Well, from the looks of it, she might need a hip replacement surgery.

Could be anything though, you never know. They might be staying in a hotel with a mechanical bull or something. Maybe they had some bad room service?

What do you think happened? Tell us in the comments below and don’t forget to share this story!

Source: LF / Facebook

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