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A Video Of A Ghost Caught On Cam, In An Abandoned Building In Rizal

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There are a lot of different horror stories we can hear from our ancestors and the stories are being passed to the next generation. Until now we can hear stories about spirits that cannot find their peace in the other world and still exist here in our world.

Some people are saying that these ghosts are spirits of dead people who have unfinished business in the real world. The other spirits did not know that they are already dead. And some ghosts are asking for help and justice.

Just like the story of a land buyer who was shocked by the strange creature his camera caught. He was taking video of the land in Rizal that he was planning to buy to show it to his family. To his surprised there was an image of a little girl that is standing in the window.

He showed it immediately to the owner of the land but the owner was not aware of this ghost in his abandoned building. But the neighbors told the land buyer that there was an 8 year old girl who was violated and died in that building before.
Watch the video below and you will be surprised with what you are about to see.

Did you experience goose bumps? Or you are too brave for you to be scared of ghosts?

Sources: YouTubePosade 


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