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A Very Sad Love Story: From Waiting To NOTHING

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Patience is a virtue. It is a very common cliché we know. In love, patience applies to a person who is willing to wait no matter how long it takes. A span of time sounds insignificant, but it needs to be considered too, since there is sacrifice of someone who waits. However, there are instances that waiting becomes worthless because of the wrong thought you had with him/her before.

This video features two friends, Chang (guy) who clinched a deal with Fai (girl) that he would marry her ten years after and yet the girl's still single. As years passed by, the guy kept on waiting while the girl had suicide attempts for the reason that she felt that nobody truly loves her. He spent most of the time with her and it was too hard for Chang to take care and comfort Fai for her not to do it again, but he is strong and patient because he loves Fai more than as a friend.

Fai made another attempt to lose her life, and Chang was again to the rescue. He showed to her a signed agreement between the two of them and asked Fai if this was true love. Sadly, Fai was just kidding that time. :(

Fai did not see Chang's love and sacrifices at times that she was down. His efforts were turned into meaningless and he felt heartbroken.

Watch the video below to know the whole story.

Source: YouTube


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