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A Crying Baby Was Discovered Trying Desperately To Nurse Himself From His Dead Mother’s Breast!

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Indian locals were shocked and saddened when they came upon this tragic scene of a 17-month-old crying baby trying desperately to drink his deceased mother’s milk. The heart-wrenching scene went viral as netizens all over the world grieved over the plight of the crying baby.

WARNING: The following images and videos contain graphic themes. Reader discretion is advised.

On the morning of May 24, police responded to the report of a dead body located near the train tracks in Damoh district, Madhya Pradesh, India.

The police were stunned upon arriving at the scene. They witnessed the body of the aforementioned woman and her crying baby nursing at her breast as a crowd looked on.

“We saw a woman lying near the railway track and informed the police,” said Monu Balmiki, a witness on the scene.
“But when we got closer we spotted a child next to her crying and drinking her milk. It brought tears to our eyes.”
The head constable of the Government Railway Police Nand Ram, said:
“The toddler was crying for his mother and on receiving no response from her; he held her and started drinking milk from her. We were shocked to see it, it was very sad. The woman was lying dead while the child was sitting next to her scratches.”
“This was something we have never seen before. It was quite emotional for us all”
The woman’s body was eventually taken away from a post-mortem analysis to determine the cause of death.

“We are suspecting an accident as she was bleeding from her nose and ears,” Ram said.
“We are trying to locate the home address of the woman and trying to dig up some information about her so that her family can be informed,” Ram added.
The crying baby was taken to a nearby hospital for tests while the local Child Welfare Committee was informed of the heart-breaking situation.

A hospital spokesman said:
“The child was brought here around 10am this morning. We conducted a physical examination on him and he was suffering from a cold, but has been given medication. He has no other complications and we’ll make sure he’s taken care of.”

The hospital’s staff added that the boy will be taken into an orphanage by his family is found.

Watch the video footage here: (WARNING: this video is graphic)

Such a tragic tale. We hope this crying baby ‘s family finds him soon! Share what you thought of that story in the comments section! Share this article as well on Facebook!

Source: LF / DailyMail

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