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15-Year-Old Daughter Was Abused By Her Father. When Her Mother Saw The Results Of The DNA Test, Her World Fell Apart!

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DNA or the deoxyribonucleic acid is the molecule that carries all the genetic instructions for the growth, development, functioning, and reproduction of all the living organisms on the planet, including humans.

DNA determines the person’s identity through strands that are only specific to that type of individual. Crime labs and forensics have long since relied on DNA to find the true identity of criminals who have not been easily identified through other forms of evidence found.

Hefty reported that a mother was able to verify that her very own ex-husband has been s*xually abusing their 15-year-old daughter through the use of DNA.

Catherine St. Germain from Loveland, Colorado used to be in a relationship with Aaron Scott for 20 years. She originally had a husband, but they are legally separated. She bore a daughter with him who is now a 15-year-old teen.

Scott was in the  U.S. Navy and became a police officer with three children that were not with Catherine. According to the report, he was  “affectionate, close to his family, intelligent, charming and a true romantic.” Catherine initially liked him and valued the relationship they had.

The couple married on June 18, 2014. Instead of traditionally exchanging rings like in church marriages, Catherine and Scott declared themselves husband and wife by permanently marking themselves with tattoos. 

The above photo shows Catherine expresses herself through a marker and a cardboard with the words: “On June 18th, 2014 we got MARRIED I was soooo HAPPY”

However, almost a year later, Catherine’s fairy-tale relationship with Scott turned dark. On approximately April 23, 2015, she was summoned by the police officers. In addition, she was not allowed to talk to him. Why was this so? Catherine immediately went to the station and was surprised by what she found out.

Their daughter was there. She was waiting for her mother. As it turned out, Scott had s*xually abused her. Catherine was extremely devastated when her daughter broke down and told her everything. Scott was not the man Catherine thought he was.

She ceased communications with him after that and kicked him out of their home. Catherine also filed charges against him, but Scott remained firm in his position – he did not s*xually assault his daughter. A DNA test was done, which proved that Scott was lying and was, indeed, involved in the incident.

Scott accepted the plea bargain when the DNA test results confirmed his involvement. 

Catherine made a video that detailed her story with Scott while they were together.

According to the source: “The video consists of Catherine telling her story using small signs with information and pictures of Aaron and herself when they were together.”

“The images and words are quite strong, and reveal how terribly difficult it has been dealing with this whole situation, especially for her daughter. Aaron was sentenced on January 20, 2016, to 90 days in prison and eight years of sex offender probation.”

Here is the video that Catherine released:

What do you think about this? If you know someone who has suffered from s*xual abuse, don’t hesitate to tell the authorities! Let others know! Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Source: LF / Hefty

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