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Wrong, But Hilarious Way to Teach Anyone How to Learn Korean Language (Hangeul)!

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One of people's goals these days is to learn different languages that could help them understand other countries whenever they try travelling together with their loved ones. Some just wanted to use it to impress their friends.

But how would you react when someone asks you to teach them a certain language which you have no idea what the heck it is? Here's a prankster who seemed to know it all after being asked by an innocent girl to teach her a Korean Language. Conversation Between the prankster and Innocent Girl:

Screenshots from: HLKH
Hangeul, Korea's official alphabet, was first invented by King Sejong during the Joseon Dynasty. Originally called Hunminjeongeum, the language was conceived in 1443, and further promulgated by the King in 1446.

Because of the extensive economy of the country, and of course with the help of their music or internationally known as Kpop, Their domain became one of the most interesting languages worldwide.

Source: HLKH


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