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Woman Gets Rejected After Asking to Have One Night Stand with a Married Man!

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In every relationship, being faithful and having trust takes a long time to build and can have seconds to destroy. Nowadays it’s really important that you have a partner that is faithful and honest with you. One proof of faithfulness is this guy who was given a chance to cheat on his girlfriend whom he was engaged. 

A woman whose identity was unknown sent him sweet messages and telling him how good-looking he was and how lucky his girlfriend having him as a boyfriend. As a gentleman, he knew that she was only flirting with him, but instead of flirting back, he thanked her for the compliments and told her to stop messaging him because he loves his "wife”. 
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In exchange of the guy’s rejection, the woman, however keeps on bugging him and later asked if they could have a one-night stand. The guy still pointed out that he will never do it against the back of his girlfriend. Unknowingly to the girl, their conversation was later posted by the guy's girlfriend on Facebook which eventually shared thousands of times. 

The guy was praised by netizens how he was able to resist temptation and stayed loyal to his girl.

Source: Danified


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