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Watch: Truth Behind 'Rape Joke' of Mayor Duterte? Uncut and Unedited!

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Presidential candidate, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is now leading the latest survey. He has been very vocal about getting rid of crimes and prohibited substances in the Philippines in just 3 months. That might be the reason why his critics and opponents are keen in all his actions. Duterte has been in the hot seat again because of the allegedly 'rape-joke.' A lot of people, especially women's welfare group, are criticizing the Mayor about him not being sensitive to the issue of rape-joke.

A video has been released on Facebook to explain the reason why Mayor Duterte uttered the controversial statement pertaining to the 'rape-joke' issue.

This video contains languages and topics that may not be suitable for kids.

Here is an unedited and uncut version of Mayor Duterte:

According to Duterte, his statement was just a product of his anger. He revealed a story about his encounter with the rebels. He was in the middle of a fight when a young girl and a foreign national died. He stated that when the kid died in his eyes, he raged and uttered the 'bad joke.' He also challenged his rivals to try to be in a fight and experience the same situation. Before the video ends, he said that he wouldn't mind what other groups might say, but his utmost concerns are to smash the rebel groups and protect his constituents.

All of the candidates have advantages and flaws. It is impossible for us to have a perfect leader, but we need someone who has the political will to change the rotten system. Great leaders are those who step up for what is right and extinguish the evil. However, a vital part of being a leader is knowing how to manage anger. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment box. :)

Source: Rody Duterte


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