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WATCH: Panty Sniffing Man Caught! A Surprising Secret was Revealed?

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Pornography is rampant these days. An ordinary person can access vulgar images and videos online easily using many sorts of websites. The most viewed and highest earning sites now are really obscene. It is not only on world wide web, but in magazines, movies, and even music; if the subject is filthy, it would really mean money. That might be the reason why the minds of many people now are filled with vulgarity and explicit ideas. I can remember my colleague's joke that if men are not drunk, they always talk about s*x, but more serious topics arise in most of their drinking sessions. It could also be one of the reasons why cases of rape, molestation and sexual harassment increased drastically.

In a news report, we found online, a man who has a condition called underwear fetishism was caught. He is allegedly stealing panties of his neighbor's wife and using it to fantasize. It was also revealed that the maniac was peeping on a hole of the couple's house, while they are making love. Disgusting!

Here is the news report about the incident:

Husbands need to be vigilant. Evil minds are just around, like a lion waiting for someone to devour. Share your thoughts in the comment box. :)

Source: TV5 News


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