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Watch: Mayor Rodrigo Duterte Has Psychological Issues?

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Amidst this heating campaign, presidential candidates are very busy with their day-to-day schedule. Aside from that, they also give time mudslinging, aiming to destroy the credibility of their opponents and convince the public to give them their votes.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is known for his straightforward statements and outspoken personality. Because of these characteristics, a lot of controversies are being thrown to him. The most recent issue is about his 'rape joke,' which he admitted to be bad. Another argument that has been viral, especially in social media, is Duterte's psychological stability.

According to a report flashed on ABS-CBN, the Mayor's psychological assessment shows that he has "Narcissistic Personality Disorder." As Wikipedia defines it, a personality disorder in which a person is excessively preoccupied with personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity, mentally unable to see the destructive damage they are causing to themselves and often others. The test was done year 2000 and allegedly became the grounds for annulment of his wife, Elizabeth Zimmerman.

In an interview, Duterte refused to talk about the issue and insisted that the matter should be between him and Zimmerman. "I will not answer... That is between me and Elizabeth," he said. Sarah Duterte came in defense for his father. "It doesn't really reflect who he is as a public servant, as a politician, as a government official," she stated. The younger Duterte also clarified that his father and mother are in speaking terms.

Watch the video of the said news report here:

This might be true, but as a politician, Mayor Duterte should be prepared of all the propaganda. All of his loopholes will be used against him. This just means that he is the most feared candidate in all the presidential bets. Is it because he tops the most recent surveys? What do you think? :)

Sources: ABS-CBN / TNP / Wikipedia


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