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Want to Have an Awesome Flight? Try Flying with These Girls While on Your Way to Your Destination!

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Fly with VietJet Airlines and they will offer better rates and would definitely ensure you will have a great flight. And they have bikini-clad flight attendants, too!

Image Credit: VietJet Air
VietJet Air is a privately-owned airline in Vietnam and if you want to travel around Southeast Asia, this airline is the number one recommended. They offer good rates, not involved with any petrifying incidents, among other reasons. Their company’s motto: “Enjoy Flying!”

Image Credit: VietJet Air
A Vietnamese entrepreneur, Nguyen Thi Phuong Tao, made a bold decision by staffing an airline with a flight attendant dressed in a sexy bikini outfit which, given her a huge fortune and is now on her way to becoming Vietnam’s first female billionaire. Her idea has given the company more than 30% of Vietnam’s airline market share in just a few years.

Image Credit: VietJet Air
Thao, who made her first million at 21 by selling fax machines and latex rubber while studying finance and economics in Moscow, has now owns 95% of the airline. Also, she holds a 90 percent stake in Ho Chi Minh City’s Dragon City development and majority stakes in three resorts in Vietnam. Watch this video and see how they perform:

Source: Sizzling Feed


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