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Viral: Interview with a Young Mom Who Posted Herself While Using Abused Substances!

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It was recalled that a girl named Cristina Mendoza gone viral because of her captured photo while using illegal substances. Photos circulating in Facebook proved that Cristina is enjoying her session with other people and giving thumbs up indicating that she’s having a good time.

Many of the netizens gave their negative reactions because of the fact that the girl has a child. For many people, what she posted on social media is accepted as evidence and she definitely face serious penalties and punishment.

Her story has reached the authorities and Cristina surrendered herself explaining what’s behind on those photos.  She said that she was forced to use the illegal substance and took a photo of her at the time she got addicted.

The guy that she stated in the interview is the one who took the photo and shared it on social media without her consent. Watch the video and let us know if she’s giving an honest statement or just another lame excuse. Watch Her Interview from News5:

Source: PML


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