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Viral: Carrot Man Conquers TV Commercials!

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The 21-year old Cordillera boy Jeyrick Sigmaton, also known as the "Carrot Man", goes trending again. Photogenic enough, that he is indeed well matched for commercials. He is now an endorser of a famous clothing brand Boardwalk. 

A latest photo taken was that he was wearing a hoodie shared by Boardwalk Philippines on the internet that makes the netizens, again, hooked up to talk about him online.

Carrot man's exposure not only to television appearances, but also to his latest print advertisements. He will surely get more support from people in this kind of opportunity he got.

Source: TNP


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  1. He looks gorgeous in a hoodie. What a wonderful opportunity for you to get in the industry of modeling in an instant. I'm happy for you.




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