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Viral: Arci Muñoz's Statement on Accusations That She's a Third Party!

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Arci Muñoz has denied any involvement in the breakup of her "Pasion de Amor" co-star, Jake Cuenca, and his American model ex-girlfriend, Sara Grace Kelley. According to PEP News, the Arci Muñoz, whose intimate scenes with Cuenca in the drama may be shocking to some, revealed that she has met Kelley before and complimented Kelley for her kindness.

"We have spoken before. She also liked all of our photos that Jake shared on Instagram, so I don't think that that was the reason that they broke up," she stated.  Jake previously denied that Kelley was against his intimate scenes with Muñoz, saying that the model deeply understands his career as an actor.
Image Credit: Yahoo
Muñoz is happily in a relationship with Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus frontman, Bones Frankenstein, whom she said was very supportive of her career.  "I am just thankful that he is like that, very supportive and very understanding," she said. "I mean, you know how showbiz is, especially when your partner is not from showbiz, right? He doesn't usually understand it, but when you explain the situation to him, he will understand. Very supportive."

Source: Yahoo Celebrity


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