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VIDEO: Tanim Bala Airport Modus! Shocking Truth Revealed!

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The "Tanim Bala" modus operandi was a great shock to all passengers of airports in the country. The technique is to plant an evidence, specifically a bullet, in the bag of passengers to make it look like a violation of the rules about fires and ammunitions in the terminals. Since the rattled passenger will panic, certain people will negotiate and ask for a bribe, so the traveler can be freed and avoid any charges or imprisonment. It caught the attention of the public after several consecutive cases were reported.

The most recent incident that enraged the public is when security personnel found a bullet inside Salvacion Cortabista's hand bag. The sick woman and her husband were not able to board the plane bound for the USA. She is going there to undergo a medical procedure. When their baggages went through the last x-ray, airport authorities realized the bullet inside the old lady's bag. According to the Cortabistas, there were airport security personnel who tried to ask for a bribe so they can go on with the flight without any hassle.

Surprisingly, a CCTV video was provided to the media showing some security officials acting strangely. You may check the video below:

If ever this issue has basis, this should be stopped and those who are involved must be jailed. Share this post and warn your friends and relatives.

Sources: YouTube / TNP


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