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Simple and Effective Steps to Help You Spot On Your Preferred Baby's Gender!

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The most exciting part of expecting a baby is knowing the gender. Apart from making sure that the infant is healthy, parents have preferred gender, especially for a first born. Commonly, fathers prefer to have a baby boy, while mothers opt a baby girl. Some couples want it to be a surprise, but others undergo an ultrasound to check the gender.

Dr. Landrum B. Shettles is the well-known pioneer of in vitro fertilization. It is the process of fertilizing a woman's egg by the man's sperm outside the human body (In vitro means "in glass"). This process has been tried by many who are having issues with fertilization and conception.

On the other hand, the doctor also developed a process of choosing the baby's gender upon conception. It is known as the "Shettles Method". In 1971, he actually published a book named "How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby," and was revised in 2011. Below are the steps summarizing the concept of the method and the steps that need to be followed.

The concept of the theory revolves upon the vulnerability of the male sperm (Y) versus the female egg (X). Acid easily destroys the Y which gives a higher chance to have a baby girl. The method's objective is to utilize their characteristics.

There are two important factors that should be considered in the steps. First is the schedule of the intercourse. Shettles believe that if you are aiming for a boy, the intercourse should take place at the moment of ovulation so that the Y-sperm will have an easy access to the egg, since it is closer and the Y is fragile. However, if you want a baby girl, it should be done 2 and a half or 3 days prior to the woman's ovulation.

The second factor is the position during intercourse. According to the theory, if the sperm is deposited near the woman's entrance, Y easily gets destroyed, hence, the baby is more likely to be a girl. But, if the sperm is deposited in a deeper area, Y can successfully reach the egg without dying and could have a higher chance of having a baby boy. So, if you want a girl, be in a position where the p*nis can deposit sperm in less depth. For a baby boy, take positions that will make sure you can deposit it deeper.

The Shettles method claims 75-90% rate of effectiveness. But, whatever gender that a baby might have, it is more important for parents to be prepared in all aspects, so they can give the child a bright future and proper well-being. :)

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