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Shocking: A Video Of A Wife Who Chopped The Body Of Her Husband And Cooked As "Adobo"

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Trending in social media the report regarding a wife who chopped the body of his husband in Anonang Visayas, North Cotabato.

Rosela Dela Serna Cunay was allegedly murdered her husband. Cristituto Cunay, 46 years old was missing since July. And the police found out that the chopped body was buried under Cunay's house.

According to their 7 year old child, her mother used a small knife to kill his father. There were also rumors by the neighborhood that the wife puts food seasoning to the chopped body, such as soy sauce, vinegar and vetsin and cooked as "adobo".

The incident was still in further investigation.

Watch the video below to see the full report:

Source: YouTube / PopcornDaily


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