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Shocking: Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards Secret Photos and Real Status Exposed!

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Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards story is a perfect example of serendipity. They started in a very natural way and everything was just placed perfectly through time and persistence. The tandem's charisma is also very contagious. It was very evident because they have built AldubNation. They also rock the online world every time they appear on the television. They have been consistent on the number one spot in Twitter. But, what is the real score of Aldub?

In the Sunday noon time show, 'Sunday Pinasaya,' they have been captured very sweet and even cuddling each other. Alden doesn't mind being in front of the public and the whole nation. His attention is only with Maine. The Aldub Twitter account showed behind-the-scene photos of the couple in the said show.

Richards also revealed a very shocking secret. He said that the woman he is courting finally gave her very sweet 'yes!' In the scene, he is about to confess to his grandfather and his exact words were: "Sinagot na po niya ako. Sinagot na niya ako, 'Lo!"

Based on the script, the courtship lasted a year and the relationship has been on-going for a month now. Is this insinuating or pertaining something in reality? The Aldub nation and fans are now waiting for the real status.

We are all hoping that if ever they are really in a relationship, they will just admit it. Show business now is different and fans are very sensitive if you are flattering them or you are telling the truth. Sometimes the audience doesn't buy being 'showbiz' anymore. :)

Source: Facebook / CrackerDaily


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