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Shocking: Lost Ship in Bermuda Triangle Found After Almost a Century?

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The Bermuda Triangle has remained to be mysterious to all scientists, researchers, aviation and shipping experts. Many believe that it has been the main culprit for the disappearance of aircrafts, ships and people, and no one is even allowed to take the route inside the allegedly fatal and mysterious triangle.

However, a breakthrough was just discovered recently by the Cuban Coast Guard. A gigantic ship named SS Cotopaxi disappeared December 1925 in the coast of Bermuda Triangle was seen and obstructed by the authorities. They had a hard time communicating with the officials of the ship, that's why they decided to check it, only to find out that it was abandoned.

The coast guards were amazed when they verified that it was a decade old boat and it was actually the Cotopaxi. Aside from that, they also recovered the captain's logbook which has the Clinchfield Navigation Company, SS Cotopaxi owner, however, it doesn't contain any information elaborating its 90-year old disappearance.

The logbook indicated the journey of the ship dated November 29, 1925. It was bound to Havana, Cuba from Charleston, South Carolina. Furthermore, it also says that the ship contained 32 crew members and tried to transport 2340 tons of coal. The register was maintained by the ship's captain, W.J. Meyer. Since then, everyone was puzzled because it was nowhere to find in the radar. Rodolfo Salvador Cruz, a famous Cuban specialist confirmed that the logbook is genuine.

Cuban officials, led by the Vice President of Council of Ministers, General Abelardo Colomé, are now conducting an investigation to clarify all concerns about the vanishing and the coming back of the mysterious ship, and how it relates to the Bermuda Triangle.

According to General Colomé, “It is very important for us to understand what happened. Such incidents could be really bad for our economy, so want to make sure that this kind of disappearance doesn’t happen again. The time has come to solve the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, once and for all.”

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