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Shocking: A Breathtaking Performance By A Man Who Is Swallowing A Samurai While Doing Acrobatic Moves!

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Talent is a skill that everyone does have. It is a natural activity of a person to execute things at ease while others find it hard to. The talents we commonly know are singing, dancing and acting, however, there are the talents that we consider extraordinary not just to simply entertain the crowd but also taking their life at risk.

Britain's Got Talent is one of the prominent TV programs when it comes to showcasing talents. The judges will choose who among the contestants are having the best among the rest. One of the episodes of the show featured a very unusual talent that made everybody shocked.

A 26-year old, Alexandr Magala of Moldova performed his very hilarious talent to all and that is SWORD SWALLOWING. Simon Cowell, one of the judges, asked him before the performance if he would do something that is dangerous. He replied, "I'm practically risking my life in front of you all."

Watch the video below as he swallowed two swords (one is a samurai), one at a time, and find out what he did while those treacherous stuffs were inside his throat.

Source: YouTube / Viral4Real


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