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SCARY: A Man Seen on CCTV Passing Through the Wall!

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Closed-circuit television camera has been a vital instrument in solving certain crimes on the street. The traffic authorities also use CCTV to catch traffic violators avoiding bribery. Some establishments rely on CCTV for the security and documenting people going in and out.

In some instances, CCTV camera catches unexpected scenes. A perfect example of a scene that will completely blow your mind is showed on this video. A man was seen passing through a closed wall. Terrifying!

As you can see on the wall, there is a "closed" signage, telling that the establishment and the wall itself is not open. 

Watch the video below and be the judge:

Sources: YouTube / TheControversialFiles


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  1. it was just edited because you can see that when he passed the wall, the light was blinking.

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