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READ: A Sexually Maltreated Lady Came in to Defend Mayor Duterte with An Open Letter!

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Mayor Rodrigo Duterte's "rape joke" has been a subject of argument and public disagreement. A lot of people threw criticisms and tagged him different names in line with his allegedly offensive joke. His supporters and detractors are also exchanging statements, especially online.

One of the most vocal supporter of Duterte is Atty. Bruce Rivera. On his Facebook account, he posted a letter that was sent to him by an ordinary lady. She allegedly aims to save the Mayor from tirades.

Image from: TNP
This open letter is a good karma for Duterte because of what he did to the girl in 2014. According to the lady, Digong was on his knees promising help after he knew that she suffered sexual matreatment. His exact words were: "I will fight for you, I will do everything. I will risk my life mahanap lang ang mga gagong gumawa nyan sayo." She ended her statement with a very powerful persuasion.

Image from: TNP
Source: TNP


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