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READ: Reasons Behind Ascending Number of Sexual Maltreatment Incidents! Truth Revealed!

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Sexual violence has been a controversial topic these past few days because of it being a subject of a "bad joke." Different reactions were conveyed by the critics and supporters of the presidential candidate who cracked the joke, and a lot of websites have different versions of the story. But, have you ever wondered how this cruelty became rampant in the our society?

A screen grab of a Facebook post was published by "The Malaysian Feminist" last 24 March. It shows pictures of ladies who are using the public transportation in their alluring and revealing outfits. The post was captioned: "In case anyone needs to be reminded that rape culture exists and is very real."

The post earned a lot of negative comments condemning these girls. One comment reads: "These two girls deserve to be raped due to their choice of clothing."
Another said: "She's asking to get raped is it? Then kena raped blame rapists? Lol."

However, TMF would like to erase the concept that sexual maltreatment starts from the girls' way of dressing up and acting because it is a crime that begins in the intention of the suspect and not the victim. TMF concluded their statement by saying: "To everyone talking about dressing modestly, appropriately and decently, remember this. The problem is not the way women dress. It's the rapists. Stop focusing on the clothes. Focus on the rapists."

You may see the post here:

While it is true that cases of sexual violence should not be blamed to the victims, we have that personal responsibility to take care of ourselves. Respect is not given but earned. We should make that conscious effort to build our identity to be respected.

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