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MUST WATCH: A Street Vendor Doing Her Own Trick Caught on CCTV Camera!

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Small business have a vital part of the society. Aside from the business tycoons, starting entrepreneurs is also one of the factors why the economy is growing faster. In spite of that, many owners can not avoid committing anomalous acts. From tax evasion, illegal employee dismissal and consumer related issues, several have been exposed.

This video that went viral online is very annoying. The lady is believed to be a selling her merchandise on the street. While she was busy weighing in the products being bought by her customers, she is also very focused on doing her miraculous tricks. It was not just once but twice and it is very disgusting. If you are her customer and you would realize this has happened, you will surely get into your nerves.

Watch the video here:

Putting up a business is not easy. It takes hard work, persistence and even risking your money. However, there are certain intangible factors that you can capitalize on which money can't buy. Your business will succeed if you earned the trust of your customers. Your management will also be smoother if you take care of your employees. :)

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