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MUST WATCH: How Much Is Your Girlfriend?

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We have always been reminded about the importance of gender equality in the society. Certain groups are still fighting for their own rights. The LGBT community and women sectors are the most vocal. However, a specific population of men is sometimes played as a victim in the underlying issue of discrimination and abuse. In a video that we saw on YouTube, it shows a very typical subject of a man abusing his partner, but the twist was very surprising.

A dude was fortunate enough to have a very loving, hard-working and gorgeous girlfriend. Their relationship was smooth at the beginning. Apparently, the guy gradually changed and showed his true identity. The girl had to endure his laziness, infidelity and immaturity. The time that the most special blessing was given to them was also the moment that the guy settled the girl in a very horrible ordeal.

You may watch the video here:

This is a video that teaches us the perfect time to give up. When you are losing your true identity and you can't see your own persona anymore, then quit. If your partner only cares about himself and can ruthlessly put you in a terrible situation, you must wake up and leave.

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