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MUST WATCH: Effects of Sleeping Positions. Truth Revealed!

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Sleeping is the best time for our body to regain its strength after a very tiring day. It is the only point for our cells to regenerate. Researchers even suggest that if our eyes feel tired between prolonged hours in front of a computer, we should take a doze.

Aside from the benefits that sleeping can give the body, it is also observed that sleeping positions have negative and positive effects to the quality and benefits we gain from sleep. Ask yourself, which side are you fond of sleeping on? Left or right?

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According to studies, it is very beneficial to sleep on the left side instead of lying on the right side. This is because of the internal organs are better functioning while we are on the that side.

Image from: TNP
Scientists mentioned:

"According to the recent studies conducted, when a person sleeps on the left side, their health will improve. It is where the dominant lymphatic side is. It would allow the body to clear out toxins, lymph fluid and other through the thoracic duct."
"It reduced the risks of having esophageal and stomach cancer since gastric acid from the stomach stays in the esophagus longer."
"For pregnant women, it lets the blood flow to the heart properly. This would ease away the heartburn, acide reflux and indigestion."

There is also a video explaning this newly found out breakthrough:

There is nothing wrong if you want to acquire this information or not. It is still best to provide yourself with ample time to rest. You're more blessed if you have the chance to lay down on the bed with your special someone. :)

Source: TNP


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  1. Thanks for this posting. I have that problem. My hair seems to grow faster on the left side of my head than the right. It grew that way even when I had a relaxer.




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