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MUST SEE: School Age Kids Twerking and Sexy Dancing! Very Disappointing!

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Children imitate what the elders do. They do not have that sense of filtering right from wrong yet, that's why their perception of happy things is always correct. Let's admit that older people take this as a joke.

There are studies that show that toddlers and school age kids acquire certain behavior easily, and form their characters based on what they perceive as right. This reality is a wake up call for all parents and older people to be extra cautious in dealing with kids.

This video we saw posted online is very disappointing. Certain students in school uniform were captured dancing sexy. It seems like they are imitating "Miley Cyrus" and doing her famous 'twerk.'

Check this video below:

This is allegedly in Camaguey, Central Cuba. Local media reported that this was posted by Jorge Luis Perez, a father of one of the students. Students are seen seductively dancing and nearly being intimate.

There is no issue with children showcasing their talents. However, parents should serve as their guiding path in this very tempting world. Kids have easy access to social media and certain information which are not suitable to their age yet, that's why guardians need to be on their side, ready to explain how to deal with this complicated society.

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Source: DailyMail / Vidify


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